Clarion Journal, 2003

Saturday, May 31, 2003
In an effort to get organinzed, I'm putting together a list of everything I plan to bring with me to Clarion - It's still incomplete - I'll try to finish it up in the next day or two. If you think of something I might need, please please leave a comment.

Books: The Best American Short Stories, edited by Sue Miller
Custer's Last Jump by Howard Waldrop
Nekropolis by Maureen F. McHugh
Strange, but Not a Stranger by James Patrick Kelly
Virtual Unrealities, the Short Fiction of Alfred Bester
The Book of More Flesh, edited by James Lowder
Franz Kafka: The Complete Stories
Cod - A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World by Mark Kurlansky
Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link
December 6th by Martin Cruz Smith
The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White
Going Home Again by Howard Waldrop
On the Road by Jack Kerouac
Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson
The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White
Terminal Visions by Richard Paul Russo
eight issues of     Technology Review

Clothes:Ok, who am I kidding here, I am just going to grab handfuls of clothes the day before I leave and keep packing until I run out of space. (I might do a listing when I get back, but I doubt it) I did buy two pairs of sneaks - tennis and walking shoes. I'm also bringing my sandals and one pair of dress shoes - to go with the one dress I'll bring, just in case I need one. Oh, and one of my Red Sox caps - I'm sure I'll need it for walking around in the sun - did I mention I burn like crazy? As far as jackets go, I'll probably bring just my denim jacket, and that, along with a sweatshirt should keep me more than warm enough

Electronicalish:laptop computer     I have an iBook. I heart my iBook.
spare power cord     I've been through two this year already, so I've got a spare, so I don't have an instantaneous meltdown and have to run to the apple store (and is there even one in East Lansing)
spare battery - ok this isn't spare so much as my current one only holds a charge for around 20 minutes - long enough for me to run to the bedroom to print, but not much else    (Note to self: must go buy new battery from Apple Store)
software disks    I had a complete meltdown at the beginning of April and had to do a complete system reinstall, so I'm not going anywhere without 'em.
backup disk of my important files
bunch of blank disks, and at least one rewritable disk
cd player and miscellaneous discs     I always write to music, so I'll bring a good selection along
air conditioner     another thing I still need to buy
printer and the cables     I keep having delusions that I will forget one of the cables and won't be able to use it
two power cords
couple of dvd's     I can play them on my laptop if there isn't a public machine, and chances are good that at least once I'll want an evening just vegging and eating popcorn and the like - probably FOTR, and one or two others - maybe South Park
answering machine
rechargeable batteries and charger
25 foot phone cord     I don't have an ethernet card, so I'm going to be connecting to the internet the old fashioned way, and that way I can surf from my bed
alarm clock     I never use an alarm clock - but if I don't have one, I'll need it
digital camera, with bag, replacement batteries and cables     yay! snappies!

Supplies:Notebooks for notes in class     must buy soon - I hate the spiral bound kind - I'll probably get two
pads of paper for notes and sich on stories
my fountain pens and ink     I like them much better than your regular old ballpoint pen
paperclips, stapler, tape, scissors
envelopes, large and small - yes they say not to sub during clarion, but we shall see
two reams of paper
replacement black ink cartridge for printer

Linens:4 pillows and cases     I like a lot of pillows, what can I say?
down comforter
blanket for lounging aound outside if I want to work outside
the prop up couch pillow     I work on my couch, and expect to work on the bed, so I'll need something for my back

Comfort:Felix, my stuffed bear
two abominable snowman finger puppets! two! puppet wars!     Grrrrrr! says the abominable snowman
stress ball - it doubles as a globe
my desk puzzle     yes, I do know how to do it (that's for the folks who will be at Clarion, since that seems to the first question everyone asks as soon as they see it   
hockey skates
softball glove, bat and ball

Documents:My Birth certificate - I'm planning on driving through Canada there and back, since it's a good two hours shorter (well not counting the time at the border, but I'm betting it will be less than 2 hours - eep at least I hope so
maps - well AAA triptickets actually
all the stuff they sent me from Clarion - I have it all in one big envelope, so it's much easier to take it all
proof of insurance from my car
warranties for my brakes and shocks and stuff
mail forwarding card
The receipts for my power cords - they are both under warranty still, and I break them like crazy

KitchenIced tea maker and pitcher
bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon
travel coffee mug
fishy cup!
bottle opener
couple of boxes of cereal     (they were on sale - half off a couple weeks ago

Toiletries:couple bars of soap
moisturizer, body and face
baby oil
nail clippers
emory board
a variety of hair elastics
suntan lotion
bug spray
contact lenses
lens cleaner and enzymes
tooth paste

5 lb weights
laundry detergent
stain remover
laundry bag
dayquil and nyquil
white board
cooler - this is mostly for the drive there and back again

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