Clarion Journal, 2003

Thursday, May 22, 2003

So, how have I been preparing for Clarion? Well, not much at all so far. I'm at complete 0 on the packing front. I have paid a couple bills through July, most noteably my health insurance. I've also let my landlord know I'll be away for a good bit.

I'm also looking at stuff and trying to decide whether I want to take it - ice tea maker - definite yes. Area rug - yup, figure the floors are going to be linoleum. Pictures - still can't decide. As far as books go, I'm mostly going to only be bringing stuff by the instructors.

Reference books? pretty much none. well maybe my dictionary and possibly chicago manual of style. I'm not too huge on reference use like bartletts or a physical thesaurus - I usually do the thing or use the online dictionaries for help with that. I might take an issue or two of Technology Review that have been giving me story itches. (and maybe I'll finally read the class notes and see what my friends and acquaintances from school are up to.) I wonder if I am going to need dressy-ish clothes when I am there? Bleh. I hate packing.

So what have I been doing? Reading. Quite a bit - I've been doing the Elvis research thing for whenever I finally get to the rewrite of the Elvis story. Reading a lot of Bradbury. And Waldropy goodness (I heart Howard - man I wish could write stories like him) I'm also reading China Mountain Zhang by Maureen McHugh which is just fabulous. Haven't started the Bester collection yet and I've got that whole huge pile of books by the instructors I just got from Amazon.

One big thing I need to do is get my car inspected - and I'm rather worried that I am not going to pass the emissions inspection. Bleh - I'm going to get that done first thing Tuesday morning. (If I do fail, I get 60 days to get the problem fixed, so depending on how much it costs I may wait until after Clarion.) I also need new walking shoes and I'm going to buy an air conditioner. I think I'll also get my hair cut a bit before I go - it's way out of control now.

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