50 Not So True Things

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Inspired by Mek, and in a desperate effort to avoid working on "Three", I now present 50 things that may or may not be true about me:

1. I was thrown out by the Scientologists after taking their personality test for having a "bad attitude."
2. I have grey eyes.
3. I got caught having sex near the base of the Washington Monument by the Park Police. (And yes, you do get a ticket for something like that.)
4. Orange cheese is unnatural, and disturbing.
5. I once got hit over the head with a beer bottle, a la TV, during a bar fight. Then I got to spend the next several hours having glass picked out of my scalp at the hospital.
6. Even when I'm tan, I'm red.
7. I can make a flotation device from my clothes, should the occasion warrant.
8. I once stayed awake for 82 hours straight.
9. I once fell in a manhole (no serious injuries).
10. My very favourite book is The Wind in the Willows
11. When my TV broke, I didn't replace it for six months, and only got one because Opening Day was approaching. (I actually like watching baseball on TV.)
12. I used to be allergic to peppers, but now I'm not.
13. I didn't own a computer until I was thirty.
14. I've never watched the X-Files or Titanic or Jurassic Park.
15. I made my eye all red and nasty by accidentally poking it with a notepad, and the emergency room doctor laughed at me when I explained why I was there.
16. I follow the 7-second rule for food dropped on the floor.
17. I spend a couple of days living homeless because I wanted to see what it was like.
18. Given the choice of eating chocolate and not, I generally choose not.
19. When I was about five, my younger sister dropped a large rock on my head because she wanted to "see what would happen". (Hint, it involved a trip to the emergency room.)
20. I can write with my feet.
21. I graduated from MIT with a degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, which makes me a genuine rocket scientist.
22. I don't have a pet because I am afraid I will forget to feed it for a month or so and it will starve to death.
23 I have more grey hair than my mother.
24 I won't eat spaghetti sauce if it has any form of meat in it. (and no, I am not a vegetarian)
25. I won a scholarship for writing an essay on why I was proud to be an American. Also, I was the only one who entered.
26. There is nothing worse in life than scraping barnacles from the bottom of a boat.
27. Wally's is still my all time favourite bar.
28. There were snipers on the roof at my college graduation.
29. I was always afraid of the Sleestacks on Land of the Lost , so I would hide behind a chair whenever they were on screen.
30. I golf a mean 120.
31. My nose used to be pierced. Now it is not.
32. I'm a member of a sorority.
33. I read my first comic book ever this year.
34. In the last six months I have gotten lost driving to work three times.
35. I've been to see WWF wrestling in person.
36. Green is my favourite colour.
37. I liked to eat grass when I was a wee tot.
38. I helped my grandfather paint his car with a paintbrush.
39. I think Paul Newman is the best looking guy of all time.
40. My second toe is longer than my big toe.
41. My high school cancelled the annual tradition of a senior class play after my graduation class put on ours. Advisor was just a bit traumatised when we were through with her.
42. I never use an alarm clock. Also, the clock in my bedroom is 2 hours and 9 minutes fast.
43. Once when getting a shot, the nurse told me to stop being a baby, so I wasn't, and the next thing I remember was waking up on the floor to a circle of faces.
44. Sometimes I leave notes to the churchgoers who park illegally on my street telling them they are going to Hell for breaking a law on their way to church.
45. Current books I am reading include: Preludes and Nocturnes, Still Alive, An Introduction to Number Theory, Eyewitness to History, Little Town on the Prairie and Smoke and Mirrors
46. I have been arrested twice, once spending the night in the pokey.
47. I have sat in an Apollo command module - very tiny.
48. I have a scar under my right eye. I got it when someone tried to poke my eye out with a stick.
49. I like to play hockey of both persuasions - ice and field.
50. I had ice cream for dinner tonight.